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Remodeling Outdoor Lighting Tips

There are a variety of ways you can add character to your home. Remodeling a kitchen or updating your bathrooms are excellent indoor projects. But don’t neglect the outside curb appeal of your house. While landscaping is an obvious choice to spruce up the appearance of your home to neighbors and those just driving by, lighting can also go a long way in enhance the beauty of your property. Plus, well-placed lighting can increase the security of your home, allow you to take greater enjoyment in outdoor spaces such as porches and decks, and even add appeal and overall value if you’re thinking about selling in the near future. Below are a few ways to utilize lighting outdoors. Keep in mind there may be neighborhood or municipal rules and codes pertaining to the type of lighting you’re allowed to use outside your home.

Front entrance lighting - is perhaps the most obvious form of outdoor lighting. Install wall lanterns or overhead lighting to your home or front porch overhang. This helps you identify visitors while also offering a warm, welcoming look for guests.

Grills or eating areas - your home may already have an outdoor grill as well as an eating space for summer cookouts. Light up the space so that you can better see what you’re cooking, and also give family and guests a pleasant experience. By using mount lights on your grill or on a nearby perch or railing, you can properly direct these lights for the space. Portable fixtures may also prove useful. Just be sure that you bring them inside before spring storms blow through your area.

Steps, paths, and driveway lighting - Don’t let yourself, your family, or your guests lose their footing around your home. Illuminate any uneven groundwork to make sure everyone is able to move about outside your home easily. You can also use low-level lighting to highlight nearby flower beds and shrubs. Additionally, by lining your driveway with low level lighting, guests won’t accidentally drive on your grass or into mailbox when leaving your home after dark.

Outdoor lighting will provide your home with more curb appeal and improved safety. If you want to install updated lighting fixtures around your home, visit your local hardware store. They can offer more options than you think!