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If a catastrophic event affects your business, you want immediate help. At Allstate Restoration, we understand that every hour your business is down means lost revenue. We developed the Express Recovery so your property damage emergency is handled quickly and efficiently.

Whether you have one commercial property or multiple locations, Allstate Restoration is experienced in working with facility operations professionals in planning for, responding to and managing the recovery process after disasters strike, such as fire, flood, storms, or other catastrophes. We also recognize that every catastrophic situation is different, so we tailor your Express Recovery to your needs.

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Express Recovery includes:
  • Disaster restoration planning and consultation
  • Priority emergency services within hours following a catastrophe
  • Complete property cleanup, restoration, and reconstruction services
  • Contents cleaning and restoration (i.e. documents, records, fixtures, equipment)
  • 24/7 national call center
  • Training for your personnel at no cost
  • Consult with your insurance carrier regarding policy guidelines
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Get Back in Business

The destructive effects of property damage disasters go beyond the damage to the structure itself. The contents of the building are also affected. The interruption affects your staff, your customers and most importantly, your revenue. The Allstate Restoration Express Recovery is designed to give you peace of mind that your business is prepared for the worst and ensures the fastest and most efficient response time possible as you begin the recovery process should disaster strike.

Steps to complete

Every minute counts. We’re here when it matters most. Here are a few steps to restoring your property.


Within minutes of calling, our team responds and is ready to work.


We stop the damage with industry-leading tools and experience.


Our certified professionals are skilled in restoring and protecting your location.

Safe and Sound

You will be back to your property in no time.

We are here to answer your questions and to provide estimates

Top insurance companies trust Allstate Restoration to work with them and their clients.


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Why Trust Allstate Restoration?

We will get your property back to normal faster. Our specialized training, cleaning methods and equipment combined with our experience means quicker clean up and lower smoke damage restoration costs. We can save your personal possessions using specialized equipment and cleaning methods, often being able to restore the contents of your business to their prior condition. We will assist with the insurance claims process to make it as painless as possible for you.

If you have experienced catastrophic damage, call the cleanup experts at Allstate Restoration - (786) 262-8196.